Master Tailor from Sew Generously Bespoke Discusses Smart Suiting

A Q&A with David Pew probes into the history and design process of tailoring a the perfect wedding-day suit with custom flair.
Written by
Chelsea Gibson


Seattle Bride Fall/Winter 2023

Located in Seattle’s historic 1890 Terry Denny Building, Sew Generously Bespoke is committed to connecting customers with the lost art of the tailored suit. We spoke with master tailor David Pew to learn more about the history, process and other details of tailoring bespoke suits.

When you purchase a bespoke suit, you’re not just buying a suit. You’re buying a work of art, a curated piece of history.
— David Pew, master tailor at Sew Generously Bespoke

What is a “true bespoke” suit?

The current definition of “bespoke” has become a bit obscured. Many people have watered this term down to mean “custom options available.” At Sew Generously Bespoke, we offer two separate services. Our Made to Measure service is what other shops often (incorrectly) refer to as “bespoke.” In this process, the suit is mostly made off-site in a factory we work with, and we perform all hand finishing—such as buttonholes—in our shop. Our True Bespoke offering is a rare thing to find in this day and age (even on Savile Row). A part of our mission is to return to the original craftsmanship and definition of bespoke, and ensure it is made proper. Bespoke, in its finest terms, is the apex of the tailoring world. Bespoke was originally translated from Middle English besprecan to imply “a conversation.” This conversation is an iterative process between client and tailor (not just a sales associate) to make a truly one-of-a-kind suit specifically for one person. An individualized pattern is drafted for this one customer, and each stitch and cut occurs on our own tables here in Seattle, using only the highest standards of handcraftmanship.

Photo courtesy of Sullivan and Sullivan Studios

Can you describe your process of creating a custom suit?

Our most popular process, Made to Measure (MTM), provides the perfect balance of high-quality craftsmanship, practically endless customization to suit your style and the affordability to make these suits a standard in the modern wardrobe. During the MTM process, our sales team will take you through all of the 6,000-plus fabric possibilities as well as other options and customizations that will make up your individual suit and style expression. We take this, along with extensive measurements of your exact fit, and work in partnership with our overseas factory, who creates the base construction out of fabric from our luxury fabric mills in the United Kingdom and Italy. The basic suit construction is sent back to Seattle for another fitting with you. Once that fitting is complete, we’ll know all the alterations and additional finishing touches necessary to complete your stylized, luxe garment.

Who can buy a suit from you?

We offer a respectful, friendly experience featuring traditionally male fashions tailored to any body type. We have extensive experience co-creating with larger and smaller bodies, disabled clientele and members of our LGBTQIA+ community. Whoever you are, you can walk in confident that we are excited to meet you, glad you are here, and that our goal is a positive and respectful experience that will elevate your confidence to new levels.

Photo courtesy of Sullivan and Sullivan Studios

Photo by Jessica Keener

What do you want Seattle Bride readers to know about Sew Generously Bespoke?

At Sew Generously Bespoke, each of us is extremely passionate about what we do. We are passionate about fabrics, about garment construction, about buttonholes and, most importantly, we are passionate about the way we make our customers feel when they get dressed up. Our goal is to make that “first look” moment just as special for both newlyweds and to set you up with an outfit that will bring you confidence and joy for years to come.

Photo courtesy of Sullivan and Sullivan Studios