Spring/Summer 2022

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In our Spring/Summer 2022 issue, you'll find:

  • Go Sustainable: Wedding experts share their tips for planning an eco-friendly wedding from bridal gowns and florals to catering and venues.
  • Find your perfect bridal look with the latest trends in accessories.
  • Unique and beautiful ideas for cakes, centerpieces and reception design.
  • Plan the perfect backyard wedding!
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Samantha McFarlen in Grace Loves Lace’s “Noah” strapless gown, $2,500, at Grace Loves Lace showroom in Seattle. Gilded “Grecian Wings” headpiece in gold, $200, by Twigs and Honey. Bouquet and Styling by Bixby + Pine in Seattle. Hair and makeup by Hanna Bush of Urbanista Weddings. Photographed at The Lodges on Vashon by Gina Paulson.