Get Wedding Ready at Orangetheory Fitness

Get results from the inside out with OTF's scientifically designed workouts.
Written by
Teya Heidenreich

Soon-to-be brides and grooms wanting to look fit on their wedding day can achieve a well-rounded fitness regimen through Orangetheory’s fitness classes. These include multiple fitness classifications in one class, namely cardio, muscular strength and muscular endurance. In each one-hour class, attendees will participate in cardio on the treadmill, legs and core on the rowing machine, and full-body exercises in the strength training and rowing portions. Bridal fitness can involve all the disciplines without trying to keep up with multiple types of classes. 

Upon starting a class, members are split up, either alternating between the rowing machines and the weight exercises or doing cardio on the treadmill. Halfway through the class, they switch.  

Orangetheory focuses on heart rate and follows a High-Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, structure. Heart-rate monitors track your stats during the class and categorize your heart rate into zones, telling you when to push harder or recover. An Orangetheory coach tells you exactly what you need to do during each part of the workout, including what heart-rate zone to be in. 

Orangetheory members cite the community spirit of exercising in a class setting as motivation to work out and a way to keep each other accountable. New adopters can try a free introductory class and sign on for one of various membership options according to their needs. More information can be found at Orangetheory’s website.