Lab-Grown Diamonds from LovBe

Say goodbye to overpriced mined diamonds and hello to eco- and wallet-friendly grown options.
Written by
Sara Hubbard

Sponsored by LovBe

Gone are the days of mined diamonds that wreak havoc on both the wallet and the planet. Instead, enter LovBe, a female-owned lab-grown diamond company founded in 2020.

Their customers’ happiness is at the forefront of their mind in every step of the LovBe journey. From customized designs to unparalleled customer service, your LovBe experience will be as rare and refined as your chosen diamond. Let LovBe your guide to the perfect engagement ring.

Lab-grown diamonds have shaken up the jewelry world in the past decade. While they are not procured via traditional mining, they are chemically identical to the gems that are pulled up from the depths of the Earth – but at a much more palatable price point. A 2-carat diamond from LovBe costs the same as a 1-carat mined diamond – that is to say, you’ll be paying half the price per carat.

The same standards for color and brilliance apply to LovBe’s diamonds as to mined diamonds. Only two of every 10 diamonds grown in their labs meet their criteria for excellence and 98% of LovBe diamonds are graded Ideal or Excellent Cut.

In the midst of a welcomed spring season, a time recognized for fresh starts and new beginnings, LovBe is proud to debut its first LovBe Exclusive Collection, LovBe Eternal. A capsule collection of nine engagement ring designs featuring fancy shape side stones, which embrace the lab-grown diamond of your dreams. From sleek, tapered baguettes to sophisticated pears to classic, timeless round brilliants, LovBe Eternal allows a couple to build their perfect engagement ring. With the ability to select a center stone of their choosing, to fit their design desires, as well as their budget, LovBe Eternal rings will be sure to exemplify your past, present and future.

LovBe Eternal will also mark the introduction of the LovBe Hallmark, captured on the band of each ring that is a part of the LovBe Exclusive Collection. The LovBe Hallmark is a single, round brilliant lab-grown diamond securely placed where only the wearer will know of its presence. The diamond sits close to the vena amoris, which, according to the Romans centuries ago, went directly to the heart. The diamond will be accompanied by LovBe’s signature “L heart” engraved stamp, ensuring the authenticity of each LovBe Exclusive Collection ring.