Leading Lights: The Founders Of Crimson Haze Event Lighting Offer Expert Advice To Light Up Your Big Day

Image courtesy of Crimzon Haze Event Lighting
Written by
Kate Calamusa


Fall/Winter 2018

“Every wedding celebration is its own unique sensory journey,” according to Clayton Hibbert and Clea Hersperger, the co-owners and lead designers of Crimson Haze Event Lighting. “We all understand that music can take you on an emotional ride, and we realized that lighting can carry you along in a similar fashion. Lighting is a powerful tool to shape how you’d like a room to feel at any given time.” Here, the expert duo dishes on how this tool can be used to create a big impact on your wedding day—from dynamic lighting to dry ice bubbles.

“Our confetti surprise box! This is a unique special effect we’ve pioneered here in Seattle. It’s a powerful, self-contained confetti launcher hidden inside an elegant gift-wrapped box. It is designed to be opened by the bride and groom in a theatrical moment, such as after the first dance, to kick off their dance party with panache. The moment they open it, the box fills an entire ballroom with brilliant, sparkling confetti—much to everyone’s delight.” Also, our new dry ice fog technique; and then our fog bubble machine can also fill the room with a festive flurry of opaque milk-white bubbles that disappear in a puff of smoke. We love finding ways to add ‘wow’ factor and fun to a celebration.”

“Dynamic lighting is the most essential concept that we encourage for indoor weddings.We create custom looks for each part of the day, like classic, brighter neutral tones for the ceremony, shifting warmer to golden candlelight hues for dinner and transitioning to rich jewel-tone colors for dancing. We also take special care to match colors to each wedding’s unique color palette, referencing the florals, bridesmaid dresses and other decor.” 

"Pinspots are a fantastic tool for highlighting floral centerpieces, cakes, buffet displays, gift tables, guest books and anything else that you’d like to draw subtle attention to. Because our pinspots are carefully shaped and adjusted to showcase these elements, you can create a romantic, moody ambiance and still highlight your centerpiece features with targeted, supplemental spots.”  

“One of our favorite projected image examples is a special effect we’ve crafted at Fremont Foundry: We project big, bright cathedral windows on the main concrete wall of the venue’s atrium, above and behind where the bridal party stands for the ceremony. The effect is transformational and sets a very grand scene. After the ceremony, we fade out the windows and fade up a custom gobo monogram to set a completely different look for dinner and dancing. Guests feel like they’re walking back into a different space!”