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Sew Generously Bespoke is the ultimate suiting experience. We are pleased to offer some of the world's finest fabrics including wool, cashmere, silk, and vicuna. All of our suits include full canvas construction and extensive hand work. Prices begin at $1,850.


"The team at Sew Generously helped craft my one of a kind bespoke wedding suit. The team took extra care, which I've come to learn is actually just the normal experience, in helping me pick fabrics and styles to create a comfortable and stylish suit. I can't imagine going back to another way of getting clothing. Thanks for making my wedding day extra special! What an amazing experience." -Kevin D

"All things said and done, five stars is not enough for Sew Generously. This is hands down the place you need to go for the right suit, the right service, and the right business. This added such a wonderful dimension to my wedding and I look forward to wearing this suit on special occasions throughout the coming years. If you are looking for a suit that you want to stand out in and to have as a cherished piece of custom finery over the years, this is the place to go." -Jon R

"The experience I had at Sew Generously Bespoke was an unforgettable one to say the least. I was on the search for not only a LGBTQ friendly business but also a tailor that is inclusive and is knowledgeable with menswear clothing on a female body. I worked with David and Levi and they genuinely care about their craft. They were very informative with all of the fabric choices. This was my first real suit and I couldn’t have felt more proud to wear it on my wedding day. Bonus: I get to wear it for years to come! I was hearing compliments through the grapevine from total strangers saying how they thought the suit was so beautiful. I am grateful to all of you at SGB. Thank you!" -Lindsay

"I went with this shop to get a suit made for my wedding later on this year. The whole process was very smooth from start to finish. I had a lot of helping coordinating the different fabrics and getting it tailored exactly how I wanted it to fit. I'm a woman with more gender neutral tastes and they did an amazing job understanding that and making a suit that made me look and feel good in it. I would recommend this shop to anyone but especially to AFABs who are looking for a suit and don't know where to go. I'm going to look fire on my wedding day and I'm so excited!" -Kiah J

"I spent a few hours working with Aidan, getting the right materials and really talking through everything. I felt so comfortable, and he and Eli were SO incredibly knowledgeable about every last detail. Once the suit was in, I went back for a fitting, and we really talked through different options and made some small adjustments so that the fit was just perfect. Wearing that suit, I felt ready for the big day. I honestly never would have thought of myself as the kind of person who would feel comfortable, let alone enjoy wearing a suit, but David and his team may just have changed my mind." -Bryon K

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Seattle, WA 98104
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