Spotlight: 10 Wedding Trend Predictions for 2024

Wedding experts unveil what trends will shape the industry next year.
Written by
Laura Cross

As we turn the page to 2024, a wave of fresh trends is reshaping the wedding landscape. From dramatic displays to embroidered veil statements, couples are weaving creativity, sustainability, and personal expression into their special day. Let's delve into 10 wedding trend predictions that are setting the stage for unforgettable matrimonial experiences.

1. WOW Moments
Antonio Gomez from Hyatt Regency Lake Washington highlights the rise of WOW moments at weddings. Couples are incorporating dramatic displays, surprise dances, artistic installations and epic food presentations to leave a lasting impression with guests.

2. Embroidered Veil Statements
The Seattle Wedding Show predicts a surge in the popularity of embroidered veils for 2024. Bridal attire is taking a personalized turn with intricate designs, floral motifs, monograms or romantic messages adorning veils. This trend adds depth and storytelling to the bride's ensemble, blending tradition with personal flair.

3. Extended Experiences and Cool Libations
Kelly Shook, Catering Sales Manager at Sunriver Resort, highlights the evolution of wedding experiences in 2024. Couples are creating days-long celebrations that go beyond the traditional wedding, inspiring memories with cool cocktails and mocktails. Personalized moments, such as personalized s'mores kits at receptions, punctuate the occasion, adding a creative and fun touch.

4. Editorial Style Photos
Dana McKenzie from Hyatt Regency Lake Washington predicts the rise of editorial style photos. With the hotel providing a perfect backdrop, couples can capture moments that resonate on social media, showcasing the unique and picturesque settings of their celebrations.

5. Mini-Moons
Sarah Anne Thompson of Sarah Anne Photography notes the increasing trend of couples opting for mini-moons before their full honeymoon. Using platforms like "HoneyFund" to fund their travel dreams, couples are strategically planning shorter getaways before embarking on their full-fledged honeymoon, ensuring a well-deserved break and a dream trip. "This makes a lot of economical sense," states Gomez, "as well as take a big component off their already full plates. Weddings are enough to plan, saving the honeymoon for a later date ensures couples have the energy (and the finances) to plan the trip they truly desire."

6. Sustainability
In 2024, sustainability will take center stage. Melissa Woodley from Hyatt Regency Lake Washington emphasizes the importance of the sustainability and expects we'll continue to see this trend for years to come. From choosing LEED-certified venues to prioritizing locally sourced, thoughtfully served cuisine, couples are making more eco-conscious choices when it comes to their wedding. 

7. Themed Rehearsal Dinner Parties
As weddings in 2024 take on new dimensions, Sarah Anne Photography believes one trend that will gain prominence is the concept of themed rehearsal dinner parties. Picture this: a couple hosting an extravagant New Orleans-themed rehearsal dinner at Alderbrook, paying homage to their family heritage with a touch of extravagance. This trend not only adds a personalized and deeply meaningful kick-start to the wedding weekend but also transforms the rehearsal dinner into an immersive experience that sets the stage for the main event. 

8. Second Outfit Tradition
A returning tradition in 2024 is the concept of changing into a more casual outfit for the reception, offering couples both style versatility and increased comfort for socializing with guests. The Seattle Wedding Show anticipates this trend gaining popularity as couples seek practicality without sacrificing style.

9. Doing Away with Formal Wedding Parties
Couples, as noted by Angela Conti from Hyatt Regency Lake Washington, are doing away with formal wedding parties. With a desire to avoid the politics of picking favorites, titles like "maids of honor" and "best man" are becoming less prominent, allowing for a more egalitarian and stress-free celebration.

10. Bold and Non-Traditional Attire
The Seattle Wedding Show anticipates a move away from classic white dresses and black suits. Couples are embracing a spectrum of bold colors, patterns, and unique styles that reflect their individual tastes. The focus is on personal expression and comfort, ensuring everyone feels confident and included on the special day.