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Photo courtesy of The Belfry at Seabrook
How to create the ultimate wedding experience for you and your guests
Written by
Laura Cross

Looking ahead we predict that the Wedding Weekend will be more popular than ever.

Before we get into why, let’s talk about what a Wedding Weekend is… it’s the ultimate wedding experience. Couples can opt to rent a large home or private estate or take over a small seaside community for an entire weekend and celebrate with their closest friends and family for a three-day wedding weekend.

Yes, this can be accomplished almost anywhere but there is something a bit more unique about choosing a destination location, like The Belfry at Seabrook, for you, your family, and closest friends. A wedding, family reunion, and group getaway all wrapped into one. Seabrook has a lot to offer and can serve as all the stops on your weekend itinerary.

With the craziness of the past few years there are some particularly relevant reasons that we predict this will be a trend for the coming year, and the reasons you should consider a Wedding Weekend for 2023 and beyond.

More Time 

You will spend months, sometimes years planning the wedding of your dreams, and then…  it will be over before you know it. We often hear couples say that they didn’t have the opportunity to say hello to a favorite family member. Or that they were so busy saying hello to everyone that they did not get to eat the food they picked to serve. A Wedding Weekend allows you more time to spend and see each and every guest, and to enjoy the experience more.

Photo courtesy of The Belfry at Seabrook

More Events

You might be thinking that a weekend wedding sounds expensive… but it doesn’t have to be. Consider a welcome reception as an opportunity to host a casual experience, enjoying pizza at Frontager’s Pizza or some delicious sausage dogs, hot dogs, and veggie dogs from Smitty’s Dogs - you could provide a paired down beverage service or ask guests to bring a bottle of wine from The Stowaway Wine Bar. It doesn’t need to be fancy to feel special, the point is to welcome your family and friends to your location. Follow this up with a daytime bike ride along the coast, or a little friendly competition of basketball, tennis, badminton, or pickleball- heck just lay on the beach soak in the sun and catch up. Then add in a rehearsal dinner at Koko's Restaurant & Tequila Bar or Rising Tide & Tavern.

Photo courtesy of The Belfry at Seabrook

Photo courtesy of The Belfry at Seabrook

Photo courtesy of The Belfry at Seabrook

It’s Not Just A Wedding, It’s A Weekend of Much More

The final and most relevant reason… after years of little time with our favorite people, there few occasions in life where you can get your family, friends, and people closest to you all in one place to celebrate. The Wedding Weekend gives you and your loved ones a joyous occasion, a combination of events for all to enjoy each other's company and to start this new chapter in life with a bang with those you hold dearest. Tying the knot at The Belfry at Seabrook’s adorable hall or its seaside cliff will be the final touch to mark a memorable weekend that you’ll all remember.

Photo courtesy of The Belfry at Seabrook