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Let these award-winning storytellers capture your timeless moments
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Laura Cross

When it comes to capturing the essence of love stories and immortalizing the most cherished moments of couples' lives, there's a team that stands out: Sound Originals. Comprising a group of dedicated photographers and videographers, Sound Originals has earned a reputation for its commitment to artistic storytelling, authenticity and an unwavering dedication to providing clients with an unforgettable experience. 

Capturing Moments, Creating Memories
Sound Originals isn't just a team; they're a group of passionate professionals who understand the significance of your wedding day. With a focus on wedding photography and videography, they've embraced the privilege of capturing hundreds of weddings each year. Their commitment to delivering a personalized touch to each client's visual story sets them apart in the industry.

Sound Originals

A Unique Approach to Tailored Excellence
What makes Sound Originals truly special is their distinctive approach. Unlike conventional wedding photography and videography setups, Sound Originals operates as a tightly-knit team dispersed across different cities. This ingenious strategy ensures not only a remarkable level of consistency but also a guarantee that every member of the team is handpicked and trained to uphold the same exceptional standards. With a shared editor and a unified artistic style, Sound Originals promises a seamless and truly gratifying experience.

A Journey of "Artistic Storytelling"
At the heart of Sound Originals' photography philosophy is the concept of "artistic storytelling." This approach seamlessly blends candid moments with thoughtfully composed portraits to create a comprehensive narrative of your wedding day. The team excels at capturing genuine emotions and unscripted moments, while also beautifully highlighting the connection between you and your loved ones (especially your four-legged friends!). Their artistic portraits showcase creative and romantic angles that resonate with your unique love story.

Sound Originals

The Benefits of a Dedicated Team
Sound Originals' team structure offers several advantages that are hard to find with individual photographers. Firstly, couples benefit from a consistent level of quality and style across the entire team. Clients also gain the advantage of an emergency backup plan, ensuring that a skilled photographer will be present on their wedding day, even in unforeseen circumstances.

Additionally, hiring a team like Sound Originals provides couples with excellent value. Many of the team members have previously operated their own photography businesses, and by joining forces, they are able to provide the same high-quality service at more affordable prices. Moreover, the team's in-house planner contributes to a seamless planning process, offering assistance with timelines and creative ideas.

Quality at Lightning Speed
One of Sound Originals' standout features is their remarkable speed in delivering the final product. They start editing photos just days after the wedding, ensuring that couples can relive their special moments while the emotions are still fresh. Despite the speed, the team maintains a high level of quality, a testament to their dedication to both efficiency and excellence.

Sound Originals

A Vision Brought to Life
Sound Originals was born from the founder's desire to tell positive stories in a meaningful way. With a background in television reporting and a passion for high-quality and outstanding client experiences, the company has grown into a trusted name in the wedding industry. The team's commitment to positivity, top-notch quality, and a memorable experience has resonated with countless couples seeking to commemorate their love stories.

The Power of Collaboration
For couples seeking both photography and videography services, Sound Originals' seamless collaboration between photographers and videographers is a game-changer. The synchronized approach ensures that both mediums complement each other, resulting in a cohesive visual narrative that encapsulates every facet of the day.

If you're ready to embark on a journey of artistic storytelling and preserve the most beautiful moments of your special day, Sound Originals is a name you can trust. With a blend of candid and artistic photography, a collaborative team approach, and a passion for making memories come alive, this team is poised to capture the timeless essence of your love story.

"So Happy! We will treasure these photos forever." ~ Jonica and Ken

Sound Originals