SPOTLIGHT: The Top Wedding Trends To Expect in 2023

Here's what popular wedding trends we predict we'll be seeing this year!
Written by
Laura Cross

Weddings are about celebrating unity and creating unforgettable moments. And while this day should be about the two of you and channeling your personalities so that the day is highly personal and perfectly you, what is "of the moment" will always play a role in the day. 2023 is in full swing and we're loving what we're seeing so far! From fashion and florals to food and photography, read on to see what trends industry experts predict will take off this year!

The intrigue and requests for mobile vendors has been skyrocketing for the 2023 season. The bar is the one area that each guest will visit numerous times throughout your wedding, why not make it an area that your guests will rave about. Custom cocktails, beverage walls, mobile bar trailers, all of these items bring your event up a knotch and are sure to leave a lasting impression for you and your guests. ~ Michelle Rankin, Tipsy-Trailer Mobile Bar

Off-the-shoulder wedding gowns (with or without sleeves) offer a romantic and timeless look for those wishing to fulfill their fairytale dreams. Showing off the shoulders and chest, this classic silhouette flatters every shape.

Some exciting trends that we are seeing popping up for 2023 is a new blast of COLOR. Gone are the days of neutral bridal color pallets. Historical venues, outside seating and micro-packages are coming to the forefront. Micro-packages are all or most inclusive. Venue, catering, stylist, florist, cake and photographer is one example. Grazing tables, charcuterie boards and killer views are also top of the list for today’s young couple. Young brides are turning to TikTok for all things wedding inspiration. If you don’t have someone in your company that can take that over, hire someone…it’s worth the money. ~ Bethany Smith, Old Alcohol Plant Inn

Sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint for events is a big trend for 2023. Consider sustainability and care for the planet in your wedding plans by booking venues that are LEED Certified and already have robust sustainability plans in place, such as Hyatt at Olive 8. A large green roof insulates the event space to save on heating and cooling energy as well as low flow and energy conserving fixtures throughout the building. A huge focus on sourcing local products from nearby farms, sustainable fisheries, and other local artisans and purveyors, ensures the food for your guests is fresh, nutritious, and does not have to travel far, which greatly reduces the carbon footprint of your special day. ~ Abby Polasko, Hyatt at Olive 8

We’re seeing trends moving toward more of a minimalistic aesthetic using neutral colors and natural accents. Don’t be afraid in 2023 to choose neutral color palettes, with muted tones or natural earth tones, the look is sure to wow your guests!

Like our client’s wedding here, a selection of elegant, yet minimal pieces paired with natural elements captures the trend perfectly! To style these tables we mixed long rectangle wood tables with sheer white runners and paired these with some round tables covered in a solid white table linens. The place-settings were elegant and simple using clear glass beaded chargers, matching beautiful glassware, classic white plating with off-white napkins and centerpieces of cascading vines all set under a beautifully draped outdoor tent to bring more of the natural elements into the space.

It’s minimalistic in an elevated way and works for all venues, outdoor or indoor – like the vineyards at Amos Rome Winery, in Manson, WA shown here! ~ Grand Event Rentals

Using an item (whether that be greenery, florals or candlelight) en masse when it comes to your wedding design may seem like something only a minimalist would do, but this trend promises to pack a maximallist punch. 

We think mirror balls will be a big trend this year, and our couples are so into it! The mirror ball (disco ball) is a timeless mainstay of dance floors everywhere — scattering joyful, festive, sparkling points of light around the room.

Mirror balls can also be a beautiful decorative element, separate from the dance party. They can provide accents around your space or be clustered together to create a glamorous centerpiece feature. ~ Clea and Clayton, Crimson Haze Event Lighting

We love seeing custom dance floors gaining popularity as they are the focal point of the reception. From custom logos to patterns and intricate designs, creating a statement piece that encourages guests to kick off their shoes and leave their mark on the dance floor can leave a lasting impression.