The Little Things

A letter from our Publisher, Alexis Sanabria.
Written by
Alexis Sanabria

Anyone in love can attest to the cliché “It’s the little things that count.” Consider the small gesture of pouring your partner a cup of coffee every morning, taking the dog for a walk, or your love presenting you with a shiny ring. And for us, it’s no different. Our little things are working with our partners to showcase what the wedding industry does best: the work they are proud of and the love stories of each big day. Being a part of this team, hustling behind the scenes and highlighting this community is what fills my glass.

When it comes to your pretty little things, everything from the engagement bling to boutonnieres is on your must-have list. And we know, because for a combined 22 years, Lara and I have swooned, snapped and printed photos of every eye-catching detail we could find. Bear in mind that every newlywed has their preferred splurge; for some, it’s a craft cocktail; for others, it’s the escort cards or maybe a jaw-dropping arch. But the one thing all those splurges have in common? The priceless memories they help to create.

Our floral shoot at The Belfry at Seabrook is filled with unique details, some of which are literally on our model, thanks to Ben Bridge Jewelerand From the Ground Up Floral—such as unusual rings and even a floral tattoo in place of a bouquet—all to inspire your own tie-the-knot vision. The design team at Your Perfect Bridesmaid, along with catering teams from Shooby Doo, Lovely Night and Ravishing Radish, wowed us byputting local ingredients first and pairing them with beautiful placecards, floating florals and luxury rentals. We’ve got invitation suites as individual as you are, shoes to finish your look, plus venues to explore. Exhausted? Do yourself a favor and flip to page 40 for ways to get some R&R after your big day.

Plan away and be sure to share with us as you do @seattlebridemag.

Big hugs and congratulations on your engagement!

Alexis Sanabria
Associate Publisher