Less is More: Dainty Florals and Stunning Fashion on the Washington Coast

Styled Shoot
The Belfry at Seabrook offers a picturesque backdrop to showcase this minimalist trend.
Written by
Lara Burnap


Seattle Bride Spring/Summer 2023

The Belfry at Seabrook is located at the center of the picturesque town of Seabrook, which is nestled on Washington’s Pacific coast. The quaint venue offers the perfect backdrop for showcasing the beauty of the minimalist trend: dainty bouquets, light and airy centerpieces, muted colors and delicate bridal gowns. “I like giving space to let each flower shine,” says Gina Thresher of From the Ground Up Floral. “And minimal design is the definition of letting the flower shine—you are seeing what makes that little flower great and why it’s beautiful.” Little details make a big impact, such as adding florals to a place setting or adorning the wedding cake with them.



Blooms in shades of white with a hint of blue channel the seaside, while brushed-gold containers in various sizes add dimension. “As a color palette tip: Incorporate shades, tints and tones within your favorite colors to make it blend seamlessly,” says ina Thresher owner of From the Ground Up Floral. “Soft and muted palettes have been popular for a while. I enjoy them because they blend magically. You can easily dance between colors and blend them with muddy browns or grays to soften transitions.”


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Jessi Pallan