Floral Focused Elopement in Orcas Island

Brenna, owner of Beckoning Blooms‭, creates a gorgeous expression of love for her elopement.
Written by
Sara Hubbard


Seattle Bride Spring/Summer 2023

“It was an act of self-healing and love,” says Brenna Robinson of designing the florals for her Orcas Island elopement with her husband, Nicholas. “Those flowers for that man on that day were my expression of love in its purest form.” After making a career of arranging blooms for other couples on their big days, Brenna used her talents to create a poignant vignette for her own “I dos.” Joyful warm colors were reminiscent of a sunset and shone in the lush arbor—after all, it was sunset on a warm August night when Nicholas fell in love with Brenna. “Every detail was intentional,” Brenna says. Nicholas’ favorite blooms—orchids and pink O’Hara garden roses—intermingled with Brenna’s favorites—David Austin Juliet roses and dahlias—in seamless harmony. “It felt like it took a lifetime to get to that place, being able to craft florals for myself,” says Brenna. “But I would do it again a thousand times over if it meant I’d get to be where I am now.” 



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