Organic Connections

lena plotnikova
The beauty in celebrating love and unity.
Written by
Laura Cross

Acceptance. Love. Unity. 

We live in a sensitive time. A time where people are asking to be heard; a time where people feel more disconnected than ever; a time when we need to recognize that life isn’t just about self but about the neighbors that we have yet to say hello to.

In a world where conversations beg for solidarity and acceptance, this styled shoot was a beautiful joining together of women of different ethnicities to emphasize the importance of love, acceptance and unity. It celebrates the strength in sisterhood, and the commonalities that can be formed in appreciating the individuality of every woman.

Here's to the women who laugh with us, lift us up and help us grow, regardless of our differences.

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Planning and Florals
Hair Stylist
Makeup Artist
Balloon Arch