A Party to Remember: A Surprise Wedding Ceremony At Melrose Market Studios In Capitol Hill

Real Wedding
Written by
Emma Franke

After an eight-year relationship and five-year engagement, Katey Harrison and Niri Munkelien knew they wanted to go all out to celebrate their love. To that end, they decided to have a surprise ceremony (only a few key supporters knew ahead of time what would be taking place). The couple opted for a whimsical theme to up the fun factor; guests were told to dress for a ritzy, 1920s-themed bash, and a jewel-toned balloon arch welcomed them to the ceremony space. The reception was an explosion of sound, color and good food. The cake, accessorized with geometric elements, had a starburst topper that matched the celebratory theme of the surprise party. Later in the night, the bride switched into an emerald green gown (sans shoes—what better way to dance the night away?). Electronica dance music inspired the crowd to stay on the dance floor all night, prompted—no doubt—by shots of Fireball cinnamon whiskey, courtesy of the bride and groom.

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Melrose Market Studios in Capitol Hill






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