Three Contemporary Wedding Bouquet and Stationery Suite Pairings Feature Unique Styles

Styled Shoot
Verdant bouquets and wedding invitations are matched to enhance the inspirational aesthetic of each in this styled design.
Written by
Megan Simpson Teeter


Washington Wedding Day Spring/Summer 2024

By the Sea

The horizon beyond the Pacific coast, with its dazzling hues of rolling blues, sunset corals and yellows, is reflected in the soft tones of this invitation suite by Enora Creative Co. and brightly feminine blooms from Anthera Floral. The Pacific’s beaches, strewn with driftwood and smoothed stones, tell millennia-long tales of the ocean encountering the land. Marine life flourishes here, from the majestic whales breaching in the distance to the delicate, colorful anemones in tide pools.

For this styled shoot, we took the MODERN SEA inspiration and chose flowers with soft and flowy TEXTURES — ones that made us feel the movement of WIND and WAVES.
— Melissa Pack, owner & creative director of Anthera Floral

Mountain High 

Washington’s mountain views inspired the tranquility of Sablewood Paper Company's textured invitation suite. The Cascade Range, crowned by the imposing Mount Rainier, stands as a testament to the timeless beauty of the natural world, with wildflowers dotting the meadows in a riot of color, inspiring the “romantic colors of a Pacific Northwest sunset” bouquet by Emerald City Flowers.

I incorporated textures in the form of LEATHER, 100% cotton and handmade paper, and delicious LETTERPRESS details to create an impactful COLLECTION of pieces to thrill guests.
— Holly Goodman, owner of Sablewood Paper Company

Into the Woods

Washington’s forest floors, blanketed with ferns and moss, are a lush hallmark of the Pacific Northwest. A whimsical invitation suite in soft, earthy tones by Robinson Creative House was "inspired by PNW textures and textiles," and captures this wild yet comforting essence. Flecks of sunlight glimmer through the dense foliage, casting a kaleidoscope of light and shadow on the verdant floral arrangements by Manette Flower Co.

When dreaming up this bouquet, I imagined delicate CREAM and white flowers glowing in this MOSSY patch of light, and thus set out to create a forest-inspired bouquet with DELICATE foliage, a soft color palette and ORGANIC, airy movement.
— Sarah McGrath, founder of Manette Flower Co.




By the Sea Invitation Suite
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Mountain High Invitation Suite
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Into the Woods Invitation Suite
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