Breathtaking Private Residence Wedding

Real Wedding
Evelyn & Kirill tied the knot in the spot that meant the most to them, Evelyn's family's tree farm in Snohomish.
Written by
Sara Hubbard


Seattle Bride Fall/Winter 2022

The tree farm on which Evelyn Gillie grew up holds a special place in her heart‭. ‬As a child‭, ‬she would spend time there with her‭ ‬three sisters and help her family with the farm‭. ‬The barn eventually became the place where her then boyfriend and now husband‭,‬‭ ‬Kirill Kalinichev‭, ‬proposed‭. ‬So it seemed right to keep the special energy of the farm alive and transform it into a woodland dreamscape for the couple’s wedding‭. ‬Trees were the theme of the day‭, ‬with arboreal elements winding their way throughout the design‭. ‬Delicate potted sapling trees that featured labels directing guests to their tables could be taken home by those friends and family to start their own tiny tree farms‭. ‬Oak and Fig Floral crafted showstopping centerpieces for the dessert table and head table‭, ‬creating the impression that roots were growing up directly from the pieces and unfurling overhead into a verdant canopy‭. ‬Herban Feast provided a‭ ‬mouthwatering menu that highlighted all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer‭, ‬followed by a sweet culinary finale‭, ‬courtesy‭ ‬of Snohomish Pie Company‭. ‬Although they now reside in San Francisco‭, ‬Evelyn and Kirill are on the hunt for their own perfect Snohomish spot to create new memories‭, ‬close to the special place where they said‭ ‬“I do‭.‬”‭ ‬

City State:

Snohomish, WA


North of Seattle







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