Cultural Connection

Styled Shoot
This shoot took inspiration from the photographer's Hmong culture.
Written by
Lara M. Burnap


Seattle Bride Spring/Summer 2022

Inspired by her Hmong culture, photographer Cindy Nguyen created this stunning styled shoot with White Barn Florals. The couple is dressed in traditional Hmong wedding attire and, in lieu of a traditional bouquet, the bride carries a basket filled with wildflowers. The floral basket pays homage to a Hmong wedding tradition in which the best man carries a bamboo basket containing items such as boiled whole chicken, oil, salt, rice, a carton of cigarettes, a knife and a blanket. Each item has a symbolic meaning: The cooking ingredients and knife are for prepping a meal along the way to the bride’s house; the cigarettes, to begin the discussion of a dowry; and the blanket is for the bride and groom when they sleep at the bride’s house. Finding unique ways to incorporate traditions into your wedding or engagement photos is a beautiful way to bring a personal touch and meaningful cultural elements to your day.


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