Food, Craft and Creativity Blend Seamlessly in Longbranch

When it came to personalizing their wedding, Daniel and Jake's love for food shined through.
Written by
Lainey Dow


Seattle Bride Fall/Winter 2023

Daniel Blagovich and Jake Carter’s September wedding in Longbranch served as a beautiful blueprint for incorporating not only a couple’s love for each other, but the shared interests and passions that are at the core of their relationship, which in this case are food, craft and creativity. The celebration took place at a private venue owned by close friends David and Meg Haggerty, owners of DSquared Hospitality Company. Sweeping views of both mountains and bay provided a dreamy backdrop.

As co-owners of the bagel company Howdy Bagel, Daniel and Jake’s vision was an intimate wedding weekend during which food played a starring role. The couple, along with the Haggertys, designed every detail—down to growing more than 80 varieties of vibrant pink and orange dahlias on the property. That effort resulted in a gorgeous ceremony arch brimmed with blooms and fresh greenery, some of that verdancy foraged by the grooms and their friends. Guests tossed fresh flowers as Daniel and Jake walked back up the aisle hand in hand as a married couple.

Beautiful vintage décor awaited beneath a great sailcloth tent as guests entered the reception area. Colorful carpets and bohemian pieces were mingled to achieve an eclectic, autumnal feel, and large vintage cupboards made the perfect buffets and bars.

Daniel and Jake envisioned one grand dining table for all 150 of their guests. Ultimately, 19 tables were put together to accomplish the enchanting 154-foot tabletop, set at a slight curve to best showcase the views of the property. The reception featured a delicious culinary spread: a gourmet salad prepared by friends of the couple; artisan bread from Balloon Roof Baking Company.; and a gorgeous array of bites provided by Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering, which included antipasti, asparagus and goat cheese pizzettes, rosemary and goat cheese peppadews, bistro filets on bruschetta, and, of course, shrimp and bacon grits as an homage to Jake’s Texas roots. Each place setting featured a custom soup bowl handmade by the grooms, who also dabble in pottery. They personally served each guest a ladle of their favorite homemade soup (their own recipe), with the bowls doubling as heartfelt wedding favors.

City State:

Longbranch, WA


South of Seattle