Post-Wedding Photo Shoot With Adventurous Twist at Snowy Crystal Mountain

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Shea and Austin recreated their wedding-day looks and took on the mountains with a day of skiing.
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Emily Sweet

Snow goggles may seem like an unexpected accessory for a gown or suit, but for Shea and Austin, they were the perfect accent for their post-wedding photo shoot. As the winter season of 2022 was winding down, newlyweds Shea and Austin were itching to get back into their wedding day looks and do something adventurous. The idea was a post-wedding shoot, set at Crystal Mountain on one of the very last days of the skiing season, where Shea and Austin could suit up and enjoy the slopes in style with a photographer on-site. Wiley Putnam captured our audacious couple as they glided over mountaintops with refined ease, capturing candid moments of athleticism and love between our couple in their element. The photos were a vast showcase of Washington's winter season with gentle hints of spring popping up, seen in the lush evergreens and elegantly-scattered snow caps.  

The concept of a post-wedding shoot is ideal for the bold couple. Shea and Austin uniquely showcased their love in a setting that felt comfortable to them and was expressive of their passions and shared interests. Plus, take off some of that wedding-day stress by scheduling a photo op for the future; it keeps the celebration going and gives you another reason to get your wedding-day getup on! Your wedding day does not have to be a "one and done" situation, celebrate for all eternity with your sweetheart in the way that feels right to you as a couple. Whether it's for an anniversary, a meaningful event or simply just because it seems like a fun idea, a post-wedding photoshoot featuring you and your honey in your element is one idea we love in weddings right now. 

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