Spotlight: Tech Savvy Celebrations

Photo by Kami Lalonde courtesy of Tipsy Trailer Mobile Bartending
From virtual celebrations to interactive experiences, technology is redefining weddings
Written by
Laura Cross

In the digital age, technology has become an integral part of nearly every aspect of our lives and weddings are no exception. From planning to execution, technology is revolutionizing the way couples celebrate their special day introducing virtual elements, interactive experiences and groundbreaking innovations enhance the overall wedding experience. Washington wedding experts are shedding light on how technology is redefining the way couples plan and experience their special day.

Wedding Websites
Wedding websites have become a central hub for couples to share essential information with their guests. From event details, RSVP options and room block information to love stories and photo galleries, wedding websites offer a comprehensive platform. They can serve as a convenient one-stop-shop for guests to access all relevant wedding information, allowing seamless communication and connection between the couple and their guests.

Live Streaming
According to Antonio Gomes, Wedding & Event Planning Manager at Hyatt Regency Lake Washington, live streaming remains a popular choice for couples who prioritize sustainability or have family members unable to travel. This technology allows loved ones to witness the joyous occasion in real-time, bridging distances and ensuring inclusivity.

Streamlined Planning Processes
Wedding planning has been streamlined with the introduction of tech resources like Rock Paper Coin and Merri's 3D Event & Floor Planning Software, as mentioned by Ari Busch of Bridal Bliss Event Planning. These tools allow for centralized management of contracts, invoices, and event details, simplifying the planning and execution process for both clients and vendors.

Virtual Venue Tours
Virtual venue tours enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the way couples explore potential wedding locations. With AI-guided virtual tours, couples can experience venues remotely, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the space and its possibilities. This technology facilitates informed decision-making and allows couples to visualize their wedding setup without being physically present.

Roaming Photo Booths
Ari Busch notes the rise of roaming photo booths as a must-have interactive activity at weddings. Unlike traditional photo booths, these innovative setups allow guests to snap photos with their smartphones and have them printed with custom overlays. Moreover, companies now offer services where guests can upload photos to a gallery accessible to the couple, providing a unique perspective of the event from the guests' viewpoint.

Interactive Photo Booths
Michelle Rankin from Tipsy Trailer Mobile Bartending emphasizes the growing trend of interactive photo booths as a favorite among couples and guests. "Whether you are selecting a 360 booth or one of our vintage mobile photo booths, the photo booth line is never ending. Couples and guests LOVE to have these fun, interactive activities to use throughout the celebration. Using high quality props and equipment, guests and couples get to create fun and memorable moments that will last forever. There is something to be said about going home with photo strips filled with memories of the evening, as well as receiving digital copies of all photos taken. A favorite for the couples, a copy of all photos taken being placed in a custom made guest book, with guests leaving fun notes and advice for the couple!"

Content Creation
Jennifer Tai from Jenn Tai & Co is a big advocate of content creation advising, "Hire a content creator to shoot ALL the Behind the Scenes (and who else has better access and opportunity than your photo video team!) and short video content just for social media consumption. We love this for both couples and vendors!"

Projection Mapping
Revolutionizing wedding design, projection mapping projects intricate visuals onto diverse surfaces like walls, ceilings, tables and even wedding cakes! This innovative technique adds a dynamic element to the venue, allowing couples to create immersive environments that align with their wedding theme and style.

Personalized Music Experiences
Marc Matsui of Integral DJs emphasizes the pivotal role of music streaming services when it comes to curating your wedding play/do-not-play list. “With the increased adoption of Spotify and Apple Music, our couples can better communicate their music favorites. This allows us to get more people on the dance floor and keep them there 'til the lights come on!" 

Joanna “Jojo” Dyckhoff of Bamboo Beats echoes this sentiment, "Having an epic dance party is super important to our couples! To help them share their music requests with us, we have a custom mobile app that integrates with the music apps they already use, like Spotify, Apple Music, etc. In addition to general song requests, the app features a timeline with placeholders for those signature songs so that everyone is on the same page. It's convenient, organized and super easy to use! In the past, our couples used to ask guests to comment on their website with a song that would get them on the dance floor. Now, to increase engagement, our couples can invite their guests to join the app and they can submit songs and even vote on each request. Of course, the couple has the final say on what makes the cut! Combined with our DJ's talent, this technology and detailed information truly helps the DJ to personalize the dance party experience!"

Drone Shows
Drones are also revolutionizing the traditional fireworks display, offering a safer and visually captivating alternative. The choreographed movements of drones, adorned with lights, create mesmerizing visual spectacles, adding a modern and dynamic dimension to the celebration. Drones not only contribute to the wow factor but also present eco-friendly options for couples looking to minimize environmental impact.

Undoubtedly, technology has become an indispensable tool for couples seeking to create memorable and immersive wedding experiences. While certain trends are poised for lasting impact, others will serve as nostalgic reminders of the wedding day. The ongoing journey towards tech-infused weddings symbolizes a continuous evolution, as couples seek to blend timeless traditions with the latest innovations that reflect both the modern and enduring aspects of love.


Main Photo by Kami Lalonde courtesy of Tipsy Trailer Mobile Bartending