Stylish Multicultural Wedding at Melrose Market Studios

Real Wedding
Kumiko and Tausif paid tribute to their heritages and their current home on their special day.
Written by
Brittany Nguyen


Seattle Bride Spring/Summer 2022

After many minor and major life changes, and a pandemic in between, Kumiko Matter and Tausif Islam finally tied the knot at Melrose Market Studios. The couple worked with their event planner, Alice Hanh, for two years planning, replanning, and then planning some more. The result was a gorgeously styled, multicultural wedding that mixed aspects of Kumiko’s Japanese and Tausif’s Bangladeshi backgrounds. Ikebana-style flower arrangements created a beautiful contrast to the pink and orange color scheme selected as an homage to the reds, pinks and oranges often used in Bangladeshi décor and bridal attire. Thoughtful details that represent the couple included origami paper crane seating cards that were folded by Kumiko and her friends, as well as influences from their current home, Hawaii, in the form of Hawaiian cookie favors and wedding party outfits. Lastly, a nod was given to Seattle, Kumiko’s hometown and where the two first met, in the form of Herkimer Coffee favors. The one object that distilled the couple’s life was the custom cookie cake topper, which included their cat, Sophie, in a Bangladeshi sari, and their dog, Ichiro, in a Japanese karakusa-patterned scarf, surrounded by Hawaiian flowers—a work created by the bride’s favorite Washington-based cookie baker.

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