A Summer Garden Wedding at Washington Park Arboretum With Touches From Down Under

Bride and groom walking holding hands and looking at each other at Seattle Pacific Connections Garden at Washington Park Arboretum
Real Wedding
The New Zealand forest setting honored absent friends and family.
Written by
Teya Heidenreich


Seattle Bride Spring/Summer 2023

Imee Tribo and Steven Bierer wanted their wedding venues to have meaning for them‭. ‬For their ceremony‭, ‬they chose the Pacific Connections Garden at Washington Park Arboretum‭, ‬where New Zealand native Imee has volunteered for years in its 2.5-acre New Zealand forest‭. ‬The couple also saw this locale as an homage to their Kiwi family and friends who couldn’t attend the wedding due to travel restrictions‭. ‬Imee and Steven’s ceremony brought in a plethora of traditions that were rich with significance‭: ‬An acoustic guitarist gave a live performance‭, ‬a children’s parade came through‭ ‬and acknowledgment was given to the Duwamish Tribe for the land‭. ‬Rings were carried by Imee and Steven’s dog and then,‭ ‬with the help of Steven’s son‭, were ‬passed around to be blessed by the guests‭. ‬The ceremony also highlighted photos of the couple’s parents‭, ‬who couldn’t attend‭, ‬and all enjoyed a special surprise of Japanese taiko drumming from the nearby Japanese Garden‭. ‬A picnic was then held‭ ‬in a meadow‭, ‬where guests feasted on pastries and sparkling cider‭. ‬For the reception‭, ‬Imee and Steven chose the Mountaineering Club‭ ‬atop the Graduate Seattle hotel‭ ‬for its views of both the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges‭, ‬as well as Lake Washington‭,‬‭ ‬Lake Union, and downtown Seattle‭. ‬That building was also where the two had their first date‭, ‬in the District Lounge‭, ‬which once‭ ‬was housed in its basement‭. ‬

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