Elegance & Tradition at The Hall of Fauntleroy

Allie and Arad, photo by Leonardo Wedding Photography
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Allie and Arad incorporated intricate details and cultural traditions into their wedding day celebration.
Written by
Aviva Reuben


Fall/Winter 2020

Wedding Date: June 22, 2019

The Hall at Fauntleroy was the scene of a gorgeous indoor reception and an outdoor ceremony; it was made particularly unforgettable through the incorporation of a Persian wedding tradition that blessed Allie Cook’s and Arad Baharmast’s union: the sofreh aghd. The sofreh aghd is a Persian tradition of purposely placing items as a wedding table spread during the ceremony, each item representing a trait or a hope for the couple’s new life together. Allie and Arad sat in front of an arrangement, which was created by Arad’s mother and included the evil eye to ward off bad luck, honey and ground sugar cone for sweetness in marriage, a scale for balance, and a mirror to see oneself and to look ahead. This beautifully intricate element of Persian custom had the lovely backdrop of lush trees, elegant white draping and white petals lining the grass aisle. Together with the groom’s playful custom suit and the bride’s eye for décor design, it was a day dedicated to each other’s identities, personalities and traditions.

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