An Ethereal Wedding Day at Roche Harbor Resort on San Juan Island

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Cara and Cameron's elegant celebration featured natural details to complement the beauty of the venue and island.
Written by
Sara Hubbard


Seattle Bride Spring/Summer 2023

Cara Kusilek and Cameron MacLean tied the knot in a charmingly elegant celebration at Roche Harbor Resort on San Juan Island‭. ‬The groom’s family has a cabin just across the water on Henry Island‭, ‬and he grew up visiting the San Juan Islands frequently as a child‭. ‬Once the couple started dating‭, ‬Cara began joining Cameron for trips up to the archipelago‭, ‬and now her family also vacations in‭ ‬the stunning spot‭. ‬Thus‭, ‬it was a no-brainer to choose Roche Harbor Resort to host their celebration‭. ‬“We wanted to keep our wedding décor simple‭, ‬elegant‭, ‬warm and natural‭,‬”‭ ‬says Cara‭. ‬“We wanted to enhance the beauty of Roche Harbor rather than take away from it‭, ‬so we focused on a very natural vibe‭.‬”‭ ‬The bride wore a V-neck gown that radiated refined elegance‭, ‬and her bridesmaids wore classic sage green silk slip dresses that‭ ‬tied in seamlessly with the surrounding environment‭. ‬The floral design similarly echoed the natural landscape‭, ‬with refined white buds complemented by soft greenery‭. ‬Roche Harbor is home to Our Lady of Good Voyage Chapel‭, ‬which has served the island for more than a century‭. ‬Cara and Cameron exchanged handwritten vows before their family in the historic chapel as the groom’s Aunt Heather officiated and their dog‭, ‬Vince‭, ‬looked on‭. ‬A larger ceremony took place in the property’s Sunken Garden‭, ‬but it was important to the couple that they could share an intimate moment with those closest to them‭. ‬As a special touch‭, ‬the ceremony program included photos of the couple’s parents and grandparents on their wedding days‭. ‬Cocktail hour featured his-and-her drinks in the courtyard—a classic margarita for Cameron and a sparkling vodka lemonade for Cara‭. ‬Bride Cara says‭, ‬“I don’t think there was a single person not on the dance floor‭! ‬We had such a special day and weekend‭, ‬and it absolutely showcased the‭ ‬perfect Washington summer weather that we wait all year for‭!‬”‭ ‬



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San Juan Island, WA


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