Succulent & Greenery Inspired Wedding at Roche Harbor Resort

Real Wedding
Arie & Taylor had a wedding day filled with love and family as they celebrated at Roche Harbor Resort in San Juan Islands.
Written by
Teya Heidenreich


Fall/Winter 2022

Arie Boyd and Taylor Bateman met in an unusual way‭: ‬at a crosswalk‭, ‬while Taylor was driving with friends and Arie was walking with friends‭. ‬She gave the men a fake name‭, ‬but her friends convinced her to take Taylor and his friends up on their restaurant invitation‭, ‬and the rest is history‭. ‬The couple’s wedding celebration‭, ‬infused with modern sophistication‭, ‬was a DIY affair involving the whole family‭. ‬Arie’s father crafted a ceremonial arbor using bamboo and greenery from his yard as well as succulents and peach roses to tie into the wedding’s florals‭. ‬Her dad and the rest of her family also made bamboo circles that hung from above at the reception and created a doughnut wall‭. ‬Her mom purchased succulents from Amazon to incorporate into the décor‭, ‬affixing some of them herself to a naked cake‭;‬‭ ‬she also ordered the eucalyptus table décor‭. ‬Arie made all the wedding signs herself‭, ‬which included a welcome sign‭, ‬seating chart‭, ‬gift table and table names‭. ‬Each table was named after an island in the San Juans‭, ‬as the wedding took place at the Roche Harbor Resort on San Juan Island‭. 


City State:

San Juan Islands, WA


North Puget Sound







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