Vintage Nautical Styled Elopement Shines on Elliot Bay

Real Wedding
Tiffany and Michael's glamorous ceremony took place on a beautiful 1950's yacht surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the sound.
Written by
Hailey Ashton

Showcasing the Pacific Northwest's natural beauty in a wedding is one of the best ways to create a striking atmosphere for the ceremony. To take advantage of the serene ambience offered by the Puget Sound, this styled elopment took place on a stunning 1950s wooden yacht (originally designed by William Garden for an Oscar-winning camera engineer) that not only displayed the sound's panoramic views, but also created a classic, vintage nautical theme that tied the whole event together. Shot by Nick Hanyok Imaging and featuring real couple Tiffany and Michael, the photos truly capture each exquisite aspect of the shoot and make it come to life -- whether it be the beautiful couple, extraordinary views, or luxorious vintage yacht, the JoAhna K. The JoAhna K is adorned with beautiful brass finishings, bronze railings, polished wooden floors and large decks that truely takes any visitor back in time to the glamour and charm of the '50s. Coupled by the magnificent views of Seattle from Elliot Bay, the JoAhna K's luxurious embellishments made this elopement unforgettable. Keeping on theme, Elevated Events by Tosha used deep blues, white, and gold to match the waters and Seattle skyline and pulled together an elegant tablescape, whilst also utilizing the ship's ropes and life preservers as nautical decor to tie everyting together. The florals, provided by Poppy and Pomegranate, included oranges, pinks, and yellows to reflect the Seattle sunset. Finally, the bride's dress tied the nautical theme together, as the beautiful Cicada Bridal gown had pearl embellishments that added to the classy, vintage aura of the shoot. 

If you're looking to bring some vintage flair to your elopement, check out these photos and consider taking your special day out to sea!

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