Dreamy Elopement at Cave B Estate Winery

Real Wedding
Jan and Jo's elopement among the Central Washington State mountains made for a spectacularly memorable and adventurous day.
Written by
Carolyn Henkle


Seattle Bride Spring/Summer 2022

An elopement is the kind of wedding ceremony that is perfectly suited for Covid-19 times. Jan and Jo decided on an elopement for their special day for a few reasons. They were conscious of limiting spread of the virus. In addition, Jan’s family lives in Germany while Jo's lives in Texas. It would have been a logistical hurdle to get everyone in one place with all of the new travel barriers. Lastly, and most dreamily, the couple dreamed of a marriage on a mountain. 

Jan and Jo met back in 2017 on a dating app, and their love of hiking bound them together. In 2021, Jan proposed to Jo on a hike in the Cascades on a day when snow and rain stopped when he bent his knee. 

Jan and Jo’s elopement was magical. Along with photographer Margaret Wroblewski, the officiant, and flower girl/ring bearer/best dog Mochi, Jan and Jo adventured through a stunning region of sand dunes and wildflower fields. The couple made ready at their Airbnb beside Cave B Estate Winery. The rustic and modern cabin featured many windows giving way to magnificent views from the canyon’s edge with the Columbia River winding outward in the distance. Jo sat, nervous and excited, as Kendra Springer did her makeup and hair. As the sun rose, Jan took Mochi out for a walk in the winery fields. When ready, everyone walked to the spectacular cliffside at Cave B Estate Winery, and Jan and Jo looked at each other like it was their first time meeting. In the evening, the wedded pair shared their first dance in front of their car, headlights illuminating them.

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Cave B Estate Winery and Resort, Wa


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